Is your juice 100% Organic?

Yes, all of our juices are done with 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Each bottle contains 2 lbs. of fruits and vegetable with no fillers like cucumber or coconut water, giving our juice more body and helping you feel more full.

What does is mean that your juice is "unpasteurized"?

In juicing, pasteurization is the process of either heating the juice to a high temperature to kill potentially harmful bacteria and increase the juices shelf life or squeezing the juice at an extremely high pressure with the same goal. The issue with both of these methods is that while they may kill potentially harmful bacteria, most of the healthy enzymes and positive bacteria are killed in the process as well making the juice nearly useless.

We choose not to pasteurize our juice and live with a shorter shelf life (approx. 7 days) in order to maintain the integrity of the juice and provide your body with the healthy nutrients you are paying for. 

What does Cold-Pressed mean?

Cold-Pressing juice is the method of cutting and juicing the fruits and vegetables while they are still cold and using a hydraulic press to extract the juice to maintain the healthy enzymes and bacteria. For more information on the different juicing methods feel free to download our E-Book HERE.

Can I drink caffeine while cleansing?

While you are free to do whatever you would like during your cleanse, we strongly suggest to avoid drinking caffeine during your cleanse. The caffeine itself interferes with the benefits in the juice and the diuretic effect of caffeine is a strong negative as your body needs to maintain fluids. 

Can I exercise while cleansing?

As long as you have been exercising previously, it is ok to workout while cleansing, but make sure to listen to your body! It might be safe to lower the intensity levels of your workouts and if you can’t make it through a workout, it’s ok. Cleansing is a great time for rest and reflection for every aspect of your body, so enjoy the time letting your body have a break.